FLAG Lännen kalaleader

The Fishery Leader group (kalaleader) promotes the implementation of programmes within the fisheries section.
To implement the FLAG strategy within Satakunta the LEADER groups, supervised by Leader Ravakka, have founded a fishery group Lännen Kalaleader.

Lännen Kalaleader’s tasks are:

  • keep track of the fulfillment of the fishery programmes
  • activate the area in order to be able to execute the programmes
  • give advice and enhance the good fishery programmes through funding
  • process the funding applications and give statements to the ELY-centre

Our development goals

There are three targets within the programme called Älykäs, ketterä ja sininen:

  • A renowable fishery
  • Well-being and competence
  • Future operating environment


Lännen Kalaleader also implement the European Maritime and Fishery Fund goals: preparation for climate change, innovation and consideration of environmental values. 

We are looking or international cooperation


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